Does being a Muslim in Australia feel

Through creating robust conversations around pressing community issues, this conference seeks to change the game for Muslims living in the West. In a time of increasing uncertainty, the need for a true Awakening of the Islamic Spirit has never been more urgent.


The Muslim Ummah bleeds: What can we do from here?

Speakers: Mufti Yasir Nadeem, Sh. Hassan Elsetohy, Uthman Badar, Rima Chahrouk

Chair: Mohammad Wahwah

Do those with mental illness need more Faith?

Speakers: Mufti Yasir Nadeem, Nuriddeen Knight, Dr. Zuleyha Keskin, Zena Nikro

Chair: Ziyad Serhan

Muslim women are mistreated: Is Feminism the answer?

Speakers: Ust. Umm Jamaal Ud-Din, Nuriddeen Knight, Dalya Ayoub, Mona El Baba, Dr. Randa Abdel-Fattah

Chair: Sumya Rahman

Entering the matrix: Can my career be Islamic?

Speakers: Ust. Abu Hakeem Yusuf Tang, Tanvir Uddin, Mona El Baba, Rahaf Ahmed

Chair: Ramzy Alamudi

Homosexuality in the Muslim Community: Have we criminalised our own?

Speakers: Nuriddeen Knight, Mohamad Tabbaa, Ust. Umm Jamaal Ud-Din

Chair: Yasmin El Seidi

Conference Objectives


Understanding the various issues facing Muslims in the West today


Fostering productive conversation between different voices in the Muslim community


Providing youth with a richer understanding of how to best carry themselves and their Islam

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Organised by NSW’s Muslim Students’ Associations